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Your new favorite cash back tool.

With DollarSprout Rewards, earning money on your everyday online purchases happens with a single click. Cha-ching!


How It Works

DollarSprout Rewards is a free cash back browser extension that notifies you in real-time of cashback opportunities up to 20% -- or more -- while shopping online, as well as finds and automatically applies the best coupons when you're checking out. 

1. Download the extension

Visit the Chrome Web Store or the App Store to install for free.

2. Shop as you normally do

No need to go through a shopping portal first. The extension will find deals automatically.

3. Click to activate cashback

Just hit the Activate button and continue shopping. Easy peasy.

4. Cash out via PayPal

Your earnings are automatically paid out each month via PayPal. Minumum payout is $5.

Get cash back from over 15,000 online merchants!

We've found the deals so all you have to do is shop. We have partnered with over 15,000 online merchants and are adding more every month.


Never miss a cash back opportunity.

The DollarSprout Cash Back Extension keeps its eyes peeled at all times and lets you know when there are deals to be had.

See cash back deals right from your search results.

One-click activation. No need to remember a shopping portal.

Take advantage of Boosted Offers and earn 2x to 3x the normal cash back rates. 

Activate with just a single click.

Just hit the Activate button and carry on as normal.

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How is my data used?

Your email and PayPal are linked to your DollarSprout Rewards account, but we never share your data with retailers.

How and when do I get paid?

Once you link your PayPal address to the Earnings Dashboard, you will automatically be paid out each month when your balance is over $5.

Does this work even if I use a cash back credit card?

Yes. Welcome to double dipping. If you have a 1% cash back credit card and also get a 3% merchant cash back offer from DollarSprout, you get both. 

How do I apply coupons?

On an eligible merchant's checkout page, the extension will display a small pop-up with any coupons that may be applicable.

How long does it take for my rewards to show up?

Every merchant is a little bit different, but in most cases your cash back rewards will show up in your Earnings Dashboard within 5 days of completing an eligible purchase.

Which browsers does the extension work on?

Desktop versions of Chrome and Safari.

How does DollarSprout make money?

Online retailers pay us a commission for any customers we send their way. We then split that commission with you. Everybody wins.

Who do I contact if I have a question?

Whether it's a missing reward (which is rare), a merchant suggestion, or anything else, you can contact our support desk at

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About DollarSprout

DollarSprout was started in 2015 as a blog all about side hustles and personal finance. So far we've helped over 20 million people find new ways to make and save money, and now we're taking it a step further by offering our readers up to 20% cash back at (almost) anywhere they shop online, for free.

It's time to put more money in your pocket.

Fight back at inflation and earn up to 20% cash back with the DollarSprout Rewards cash back browser extension.